Thursday, March 10, 2011

On the right track, right?

My sponsoring body, JPA came to Swinburne today for a briefing for JPA scholars here. I noticed that there is about 93 students who are holding this scholarship studying in Swinburne.

Well, the first part of the briefing was quite useful as we now know how it is going to be after we graduate. In short, waiting for them to arrange jobs for us within one year. After that, we will be released form the contract if they cannot find one. Let's just hope it. Haha.

Also, if you manage to score an extremely absolutely very excellent results throughout your whole studies here (achieving 3.75 and above), you may obtain the chance for continuous education in doing Master or PhD locally or even go oversea. Wow, how "kind" of them! Oh, did I mention there are less than 100 places available for these further studying scholarship? And there are about forty-seven thousand of JPA scholars currently. Just compare the ratio. By the way, another 12 places of Yang di-Pertuan Agong scholarship will be available yearly for those who maintain the pointer of 4.0. Life isn't easy.

Second part of the briefing is about time and money management. Hmmm, we are 20 years old and I think most of us should have known how to manage our money and time (maybe not all) properly. But they spent 2 hours just to tell us do not buy expensive items like iPhone, do not go fast food restaurant frequently and do not watch movies at cinema. I was speechless, so were most of us.

I am in second semester of first year in this university. Maintaining a good pointer now may seem to be not-too-difficult task. But how about the coming semesters? Can I get through it? I don't know. Just pray, and of course study hard!

It's 6pm soon. Gonna start cooking for dinner.

*Turning off the laptop. Still hoping I am on the right track.*

Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's March. It's the third week.

Oh, it seemed like tomorrow will be the beginning of my third week for this semester. In other words, I am here already for two weeks. Well, the feeling of missing home much starts to diminish. Now, I guess it's time to get used to the busy university life again. Assignments and homework are awaiting to torture me, so with the lecture classes. Argh, it's freaking tiring.

My life is just like a loop. Every day, the same routine repeats and repeats. Wake up. Swinburne. Apartment. Game. Sleep. Is it boring? Perhaps, it is. The semester is now shortened to 12 weeks, so it's gonna be very packed and rushing. Argh again. Fine, take a deep breath and just move forward.

It is becoming home here. We (housemates and I) decided to cook ourselves most of the dinners. The food may not be as delicious as mother's, but we still eat them happily as we make them ourselves. Haha. And it saves money as well, I think. One matter to be considered, we will need to think of other recipes. If not, we will have to have lot of canned food. LOL.

Boring life. Nothing much to be shared.

It's March now. It's third week tomorrow.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Am Number Four

I watched this movie yesterday as soon as it was released in Malaysia. Have been eager to watch it since I knew Dianna Agron was in the cast.

It is a science fiction plus action film about 9 gifted teens from another planet that ran to Earth for safety. 3 were killed and therefore the title of this film. I wouldn't say it's very good and awesome but still I like it much. Perhaps, I just love stories with magic powers and so on (Didn't watch Harry Potter though). If you have spare time, just go and watch this movie. I am pretty sure it is entertaining.

I would love to share some pictures but I think my Internet connection here will not allow me to do so. If not, you will see how charming and adorable Dianna Agron is. Haha.

P/S: I guess I am gonna be the only blogger in this blog. Hope I will still make it alive. Hopefully.

Another story soon. Hopefully. Cheers. =)

Monday, November 1, 2010

♥ hershey kisses ♥

just bored.
so was finding hershey's kisses chocolate...
and email my custom kisses to my dear frens..

have a nice day =D
stay sweet ♥

Sunday, October 10, 2010

So this is university life

Seriously, it has been real long since I last updated this blog. Having moved to a new environment, well, it took us some time to adapt ourselves in conditions where there was no washing machine (we bought one then),poor door locks and spoil lamps (they fixed some but there are still 3 doors unfixed) and terrible Internet connection (complaints were proven to be useless).

Well, I already survived half of the semester and am having a one-week long semester break. Laziness always visits during the holidays. Piles of assignments and homework await to be done. I must finish them! Hopefully.

Honestly, being a university student is not an easy task. Heard from someone that university life is quite relaxing. Well, I guess it's only true for others and definitely not for engineering courses students. Every day, I was flooded with homework from tutorial, labarotory reports and assignments. Quizzes and tests never stop coming weekly. In addition, I discovered that some tutors and lecturers are not as good as those teaching me during the foundation. Or maybe it was because I did not have interest in those subjects. Whatever.

Three words keep running in my mind, "Uni life sucks!".

Actually, I have to blame myself for this too. At the beginning of the semester, I told myself I am going to spend my time wisely and no last-minute stuffs. And I failed. Same old style. Most time was spent in watching series like "Glee" and "Vampire Diaries" (they are nice though) and playing games with friends.

Also, somehow I started to realise the feeling of loneliness. Good friends are really hard to be found or met, not to mention, best friend. Anyway, I am glad that I have some although they may not be around me. Cheers!

Okay, another half of the semester for me to go through. I know I must keep myself determined and tough. Think of the song, "The Climb". And, I am going back to Kedah during the long holidays in December. Can't wait for it!!!

Finally, one more thing, I am going back and telling anyone or everyone that "Uni life is enjoyable" instead of the three words now. Ending now, I hope there will be more free time for me to blog here. Bye!

Monday, October 4, 2010

I say Maple has begin.

oh no...
i am stuck in Maple story this childish game again..
maple has walk in my life at my age of late 17 and early 19 ..

Am a noob in maple game ==
stuck in level 32 now...swt.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


当我老 了,不再是原来的我。 请理解我,对我有一点耐心。

◆When I turn old, I am not the original me: Please understand me and have patience with me.

◆当我把菜汤洒到自己的衣服上时,当我忘记怎样系鞋带时, 请想一想当 初我是如何手把手地教你。

◆When I drip gravy all over my clothes, when I forget to tie my shoelaces: Please remember how I taught you what not to do, and how to do many things by hand.

◆当我一遍又一遍地重复你早已听腻的话语,请耐心地听我说,不要打断我。 你小的时候,我不得不重复那 个讲过千百遍的故事,直到你进入梦乡。

◆When I repeatedly tell you things that youre of hearing: please be patient and listen to me. Please dont interrupt me. When you were young, I told you the same story over and over again until you were sound asleep.


◆When I need you to help me bathe: Please dont scold me. Do you still remember how when you were small I had to coax you to have a bath?


◆When I dont understand new technology: Please dont laugh at me or mock me. Please think how I used to be so patient with you to answer your every why.

◆ 当我由于双腿疲劳而无法行走时,请伸出你年轻有力的手搀扶我。 就像你小时候学习走路时,我扶你那样。

◆When my two legs are tired and I cannot walk anymore: Please stretch out your powerful hands to lend me a hand, just like when you were a baby learning to walk I held both your hands.

◆当我忽然忘记我们谈话的 主题,请给我一些时间让我回想。 其实对我来说,谈论什么并不重要,只要你能在旁边听我说,我就很满足。

◆When I suddenly forget what subject we are discussing: Please give me a little time to recollect. Actually, it does not matter what we are talk about; as long as you are by my side, I am so contented and happy already.

◆当你看着 老去的我,请不要悲伤。理解我,支持我,就像你开始学习如何生活时我对你那样。 当 初我引导你走上人生路,如今陪伴我走完最后的路。给我你的爱和耐心,我会报以感激的微笑,这微笑中凝结着我对你无限的爱。

◆When you see the old me, please dont be sad: Please understand me and support me, just like how I was with you when you were young and were just learning to face life. At the beginning, I guided you to the path of life. Now I ask you to keep me company to finish this last leg of my life. Give me your love and patience, I will give you a grateful smile, and crystallized in this smile is my endless love for you.

you know what you should do now,and,just do it.